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  • FAKRA SMB-50JWE-10 B White
  • FAKRA SMB-50JWE-10 B White
  • FAKRA SMB-50JWE-10 B White

FAKRA SMB-50JWE-10 B White

• The product technical characteristics:
   Body: Brass, Ni-plated
   Socket:  beryllium-copper, Gold-plated
   Pin contact: Brass
   Insulator: PTFE
   Crimp ferrule: brass, Ni-plated
   O-ring: beryllium-copper
   Shell: PA66+30%GF
•  Technical characteristics 50Ω
   Impedance: 4GHz
   Withstanding Voltage:  1000V(RMS)
   Contact resistance: Center contact: ≤ 20m            Outer contact:≤10m
   Insulation: ≥1,000MΩ
   VSWR: DC - 2GHz<1.2
•  Mechanical characteristics:
   Assembly: locked
   Durability: ≥ 500 cycles
   Temperature:  - 40 - +85°C


                                                          Major characteristics:

            Double-locked, fool-proofing assembly with the color and the structure  The connector is
be protected bythe cap .Easy to assembly Many difference between the connector and the cap.
                                                       fakra connector pcb
                      FAKRA connector is one of the auto parts. They are widely used in GPS, Remote 
control, car phone, car TV, hi-fi equipment, antennas, etc. ruinuo-xiangqing-ye-恢复的_09.png
                Can be customized to the drawing sample processing, welcome to consult
          Shenzhen Sihanming technology Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen Sihan Commumication Technology) 
was established in 2006. Our company occupies 4500 square meters filed. There are more  than
100 employees, 15% of them are engineers and technicians . We are professional in  designing,
developing,producing and sale of radio frequency coaxial connectors.














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