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MMCX connector is small sze in RF connector.MMCX Connector is designed to have snap-on mating.Besides,MMCX connector series are available for rf cables ,PCB type and SMT type.MMCX Connector commonly is used for 0~3GHz,but offers 6GHz max.

MMCX RF connector is most commonly used in GPS Antenna, GSM Antenna or GPS/GSM application these kinds of RF connectors industry.
MMCX connector are used in many different applications like GPS tracking,GSM cellular,WLAN equipments,but the most commonly seen on Wi-Fi PCMCIA cards as antenna connectors.

Temperature range -55—+155℃(PE Cable -40—+85℃)
Impedance 50Ω
Frequency range DC-6GHz
Working voltage 170V r.m.s at sea level
Withstanding voltage 500V r.m.s at sea level
Contact resistance
Center contact ≤5mΩ
Outer contact ≤2.5mΩ
Insulation resistance ≥1000MΩ
Center conductor retention force ≥0.28N
Insertion loss 0.18dB/1GHz
Engagement force ≤15N
Disengagement force ≥6N
Voltage Standing Wave Ratio
 Straight ≤1.25/3GHz
 Right angle ≤1.43/3GHz
Durability(mating) ≥500times(Cycles)
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