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  • RF coaxial MMCX male connector for earphone

RF coaxial MMCX male connector for earphone

TYPE MMCX RF Coaxial Connector is a Kind of Microminiature Product Smaller than type MCX.Characteristic impedance is 50Ω.The characteristic of connectors is in Small Volume,Light weight,Convenient Connection and reliable.They are widely used in Connect with the RF Coaxial Cables, Transmission of RF signal,equipments or small-sized communications Network that are demanding on systematic volume and using surface mounting technology,It is suitable for mass instrument equipment production and producing on the assembly line.


Impedance: 50 Ω

Temperature Range: -55~+155 oC(PE cable -40~+85oC )

Frequency Range: DC~6GHz( Semi-rigid cable DC~6GHz)

Working Voltage: 170Vr.m.s (50Ω) at sea level

Withstanding Voltage: 500V(50Ω) r.m.s at sea level


Contact resistance:


Center contact ≤5 mΩ


Outer contact  ≤2.5mΩ

Insulation resistance : ≥ 1000 M Ω


Center conductor retention force ≥0.28N

Insertion Loss: 0.18dB/1GHz


Engagement force ≤ 15N


Disengagement force ≥6N


Voltage standing wave ratio


                                        straight       ≤1.25/3GHz

                                        Right angle  ≤1.43/3GHz


Durability(mating) ≥500 (cycles)

Insulator: PTFE

Body: brass & gold plated

Pin contact: brass &  gold plated

Socket contact;  beryllium-copper & gold plated.

Crimp ferrule: copper alloy &  nickel or gold plated

o-ring  sealing :  6146  sllicone rubber.

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